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Piece of furniture tv with integrated(joined) surrounding wall(speaker) BOSE - solid oak - made in France The TV unit connected

The TV unit connected

Mark French Design suggests you discovering its connected TV piece of furniture.

The TV piece of furniture connected by the collection CONNECT has a system of its BOSE of quality, as well as three grips integrated(joined) into the back of the piece of furniture.

The system of its BOSE works with every type(chap) of device such as Television, amplifier, internet cubicle(garage,dock) (by cable) but also with your Smartphone, computer, walkman MP3 provided with a function(office) Bluetooth.

Bluetooth has a reach(impact) from 10 to 15 m and allows to take advantage the music by changing room(part,play).

With its 2 doors and its two niches power plant outings of pass cables, the TV piece of furniture CNT 330 will be completed for every type(chap) of arrangement, so much for the DVD player that for internet cubicle(garage,dock).
His(Her,Its) size will allow you to install(settle) your television set which can go Up to 150 cms wide.

The structure of this TV piece of furniture is realized in 19 mm panels(signs) stuck oak of thread, quality cabinetmaking(cabinetwork). Feet are in solid oak, what allows a good behavior(performance).

The dimensions(size) standart available are:

Hour 61 L 160 P 40 cms = CNT 330

( Also available in custom-made product)

This product is available in a large number of finishes:

The structure can have a tint different from facades of doors.

He can be realized in 14 tints of the finish wood on oak, (see tab finish) and/or in the reference RAL of your choice.